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Why PAt Test?

All electrical equipment requires testing

Why PAT Test

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The ‘Inspection of In-service equipment’ (usually referred to as portable appliance testing or PAT), was introduced to enable companies or organisations to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

To meet these regulations it is necessary to have in place a program of inspection and electrical safety testing of portable appliances.

So What Needs Testing?

The Regulations cover all items of in-service electrical equipment this includes all movable items connected to mains supply by 13A BS1363 plugs, BS EN60309-2 industrial plugs or hard wired via a fused connection unit.

In Addition to being responsible for the electrical safety of their own portable appliances, companies are also responsible for the safety of electrical appliances brought on site by employees or contractors.

All types of electrical equipment used in the workplace or for the purpose of work are required by law to be electrical safety tested. If you are in doubt about your workplaces equipment please contact us for a no obligation chat.